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Marriage and engagement bands

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Have you stopped to think about the most important factors required when undertaking to purchase a ring for yourself or for a loved one? You will have to think about the carat size if a diamond is involved or the hue of the emerald if that’s the gem you are keen on. If you are going to get someone a ring, then you will definitely want to seek their opinion and insight. There can be quite a lot of capital outlay involved, so you will want to do all you can to get it right. This is a big ticket item, one that will serve the person who has it finger for a long time. So, treat it accordingly. Don’t be rushed through anything and take your time to establish with the jeweller exactly what you would like and how you would like it to look at the end of the fashioning.

Ring size

This effectively directly relates to the size of the finger for engagement & diamond rings Brisbane have for you. Get a tool to help you measure this and, of course, measure the predominantly the width of the right finger – the digit that is going to have the finger on it. Decide on which hand up front too. All of this will help the ring maker’s job a more straightforward and less complicated one. They will probably remind you consistently of what you need to help them, but it’s always good practice to equip yourself with knowledge and questions at the start regardless. You will be forming a short-term working relationship with this service provider, whose artisanal work will make your life – and the experience related to the ring – all the more fruitful. So all the respect is mutual and will go hand in hand for the future.

The right price for the right height

Depending where you see yourself fitting into the budget of all involved, you might have to negotiate the height of the price and how you will be paying it off. Any jeweller – generic or bespoke – worth its standing should be able and willing to come up with a payment plan for you. Naturally, it’s reasonable expectation that you pay a certain percentage as a deposit up front. From there, though, you can see how and when the remainder of the outstanding amount needs to put forward. Money is important, yes, but so is the significance of the ring you are investing in – it should be viewed as just that, an investment, not a purchase actually.


As a bit of a bonus, make sure you get a nice fitting box for the ring, where it can ‘sleep’ when you are sleeping and be kept safely when you are washing the dishes or going on a water-related holiday. You don’t want to lose it and, as much as it means to you, you should be willing to take it off and store it away when you need to. As mentioned previously, it should be the right fit so you can pull it off but it does not slip off.

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