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How To Introduce A Sugar-Free Diet To Your Children

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Being a parent is an awesome responsibility. We are given this child with a growing mind. We are able to teach them and train them as young children and they carry these values for their lifetime.

We all want our children to be healthy and happy. When they are older you can point out the foods that are bad for them. But when they are young, we have to dedicate ourselves to providing a wide range of food that is tasty and good for them.

The Sugar Trap

It is okay to indulge in sweets from time to time. However, it comes with a price. Your child is very small. Giving them candy may overload their system. Experts explain that adults it only takes a small amount of candy to force your blood sugar up. In a short while, the sugar is gone and your blood sugar hits the ground, This causes you to crave sugar. Your body wants the sugar rush. This is a vicious circle for you. In children, you may see hyperactivity when they are in the high phase and crankiness and tiredness when their rush is gone.

This does not mean you must deprive your child of ever having a treat. Purchase sugar-free, gluten-free, and kosher candy from Sweet Services online.

Tips to help you avoid sugar issues

Sugar habits are easier to avoid than to break. Think about a child born to a diabetic parent. That parent is going to have healthy food choices in the house. From the time the child is born, he or she associates flavor with those foods. They will enjoy fruits like raisins, dates, and apples when they want something sweet. Below you will find a list of tips to help you introduce a sugar-free diet to your children.

  • Limit (or remove) the sugary foods in the house, and do not leave them out to be seen
  • Make it clear to those you allow to care for your child, what your child is and is not allowed to eat.
  • Do not deprive your kids of special treats and special occasions. They will know other kids are getting sweets at parties or on holidays. Almost every sweet product has a similar product that is sugar-free.
    • Create sugar-free candy buffets for birthdays, parties, and holidays
  • Limit the importance of food
    • Food is not to be used as a reward or as a punish them. Teach them moderation, self-control, and pleasure in all activities.
  • Make it a group effort. Ask your child for their help and praise them when they speak up about an unhealthy choice. This puts you both on the same team.
  • Show your child how to look for hidden sugars in the foods you purchase.

Encourage healthy activities that will develop with your child

Many people allow their children to participate in seasonal sports. That is a great thing, for kids who enjoy them.  But you do not have to get on a team to enjoy exercise outdoors. You can easily expose your child to the wonders of hiking and nature.

Start now and hang in there!

Before you begin, understand that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Understand that a sugar-free lifestyle for the kids means a sugar-free lifestyle for the parents. Soon we will be in the sugar-season. When the holidays get started, there is food everywhere. People drop by with cookies and muffins. School parties are filled with cupcakes and pudding cups. We sit down to holiday meals that encourage overeating. There is not just dessert, but a dessert table.

Don’t let this get you down. Simply provide a couple of sugar-free options and do not tell anyone. When dessert is served you have a perfect solution to the issue.

Embrace the meanings of the holidays and take the focus off of food. If you are in a situation where sugary treats are inevitable, allow only a small portion for yourself and your children. When your child is old enough to make his or her own selection, the sugar-free option will be their choice

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Get Creative

Making cute little treats from fresh veggies and dips will make the child want them. Allow the children to help make the treats. A gingerbread house can be made with sugar-free candy. Make the holiday fun without the added sugar.

Children who are given healthy activities from early on, grow to know their own bodies and trust their own instincts. Their bodies and minds function at their maximum potential at every stage of life.

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Start training your child when they are young. They may stray when they are teenagers, but they will come back and carry these lessons on for the next generation.

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