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Latest Toe Nail Designs for the summer

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With summer just around the corner, it’s time to break out your summer footwear. This will include cute sandals and flip flops or just walking barefoot on the beach, be that as it may, you will be wearing a lot of open-toe footwear and this means a chance to show off that your super stylish pedicure. In this article, we will go through the top nail designs that you can incorporate this summer, to know more you can visit Adorable Summer Toe Nail Inspirations to Let the Summer Fun Begin – The Cuddl.

Some designs look great with any size toenails and some look good on just long toenails. You will also have to decide on a good color for nails and the design that will compliment your toes and your personality the best.

When you have to head out for that beach bonfire party or a barbeque party, why not show off are really great and trendy pedicure? People will notice your toes if you wear open toed shoes and they will also notice the state of your pedicure.

Now, you don’t want your toes to look shabby and unkept with chipped polish and overgrown toenails, so you need to pay special attention to the grooming of your toenails. To take your toenail game to the next level you can begin by applying polish and then proceed towards creating a design of your choice.

To help you with your design requirements we have compiled a list of the best toenail designs that you can use:

  1. Boho chic summer:

You can observe an artistic vibe when you pair white and gold together, specifically glitter gold and gold lines. This design may seem a little difficult but it’s not, you can start by painting the big, middle and small toe with gold glitter nail polish. The other toes should be painted white with one or two gold lines; this summer design will give you the attention you deserve.

  1. Rainbow love:

Neon shades add that pop of color and can brighten even the dullest of moods, Make your nails stand out with poppy colors of orange, yellow, green and hot pink. All you need are the five colors, a base coat, and a top cat and you will be able to personify summer through your adorable toenail design.

  1. Glitter or bubbles:

There is nothing more charming than a glitter/bubble nail art design. Coat your toenails in the aqua color of the ocean, this pattern enhances the big toe with glitter that somewhat resembles bubbles. This design is very versatile and you can put up any design on your big toenail.

  1. Pretty in pink:

This ultra-feminine look is perfect for those summer brunches; pink is a gorgeous color that makes your nails really pop in the sun. To complete the style you can add a really cool toe ring with a leafy design.


With open-toed shoes and unique nail designs, you will definitely be the showstopper at any summer party. You can experiment with various colors, glitters, designs and rhinestones as well, but always remember to use a top coat to protect the design once you’re done.

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