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Planning a Unique Engagement Party in Melbourne

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Weddings and engagements are memorable occasions in the life of a couple. Everything about these special days is immaculately planned- the perfect theme, perfect location, perfect decor, perfect menu, perfect seating arrangements and perfect music – in short every detail needs to be picture perfect. As far as themes and ideas are concerned for both the events, wedding themes are restricted owing to the kind of ceremony and number of guests. Like for a church wedding, ideas for themes need to be thought keeping in mind the importance of surroundings.

For the engagement party however there are a number of options as far as themes are concerned.

Themes or ideas for a perfect engagement party

  • Location

An engagement party can be made special by opting for a different venue from the run of the mill kinds. There are businesses that offer unique venues for private functions. Hiring engagement party venues Melbourne services for a roof top party is worth it. A rooftop location can be different and at the same time romantic. The decor can be like a lounge bar with sleek counter tops and string lights along with stunning views of the skyline and city lights. In the cold weather, baskets of blankets and shawls can be placed for the guests. In the summer months guests can be treated to cocktail popsicles.

  • Cooking class party

A unique set-up for an engagement could be to arrange it in a cooking class or a restaurant. The guests can be divided into groups and each group can cook a specific recipe. It could be either a starter or better still each can be a dessert. The guests can be given recipe cards as a take away gift.

  • Mexican party

A Mexican themed engagement party is definitely unique and exciting too. Bright colours, sangrias, paper lanterns, pom poms, balloons and banners can be used for the decor. Each table can have margaritas and nacho chips with various dips. There could even be a taco set-up for the guests. And the music would be traditional mariachi bands playing and serenading the crowd.

  • Around the world theme

For a couple that is an avid traveller, the around the world theme is ideal. The invitations could be shaped as globes or airplanes directing them to the venue. There could be food from all parts of the world. The wonders of the world could be used in the form of cutouts for decor ideas. A fun activity for the guests would be to pin their favourite holiday location, recommendations for the couple, on a giant map. They could even write a fun incident associated with the place or facts about the place recommended.

Other themes and ideas

There are a number of other ideas which could be incorporated for a unique engagement party. For example, a chocolate theme with each table laid with all imaginable chocolate desserts could be arranged. This could be accompanied with tea or coffee and guests could take away whichever chocolate or dessert they wished to. A movie themed or an era themed party could also be fun. The best would be to let out the child within with a carnival themed party.

Engagement ceremonies are to celebrate the getting together of a couple and must be celebrated with lots of fanfare, putting to action various ideas and themes.

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