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Your Next Fashion Statement: Navigating Eyewear Shops

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Nowadays, wearing prescription glasses from shop eyewear for instance has gained space in people’s daily looks to complement their looks. Many waste hours trying on different glass frames and choose to follow fashion at any cost without paying attention to the ideal recommendations for the characteristics of their face.

Each person should choose the frame model that makes them feel comfortable and matches their personality, from the most discreet to the most exuberant. However, it is important to pay attention to some basic rules drawn up based on daily experiences and the clinical need for perfect vision. Are they:

First rule: the frame must follow the eyebrow line.

Second rule: the frame’s bridge must be adjusted correctly to each nose type (or size).

Third rule: the size of the frames must be compatible with the person’s height.

A set of factors must be evaluated when choosing to find the ideal model. In other words, combining technical criteria and physical characteristics with fashion, aesthetics, and lifestyle will make all the difference! But after all, what is the ideal frame? To help you with this choice, we have put together some tips according to your face shape:


Choose glasses from eyewear shop near me with frames with rectangular or rounded corners. Avoid straight frames that accentuate the lines of your face.


Heart shapes match larger frames underneath or with some detail on the bottom of the glasses. They should be a little wider than your forehead to fit snugly. Avoid frames with low bottoms that cover your cheekbones. Wear narrow models, which give the illusion of a wider jawline.


Choose square or rectangular frames. The straight lines of these models help to slim the face, so look for more geometric shapes. The frame should not be wider than the face; the round frame repeats the contour of the face, expanding the shapes.


This is the face shape that best suits different types of frames. It goes well with both rectangular and oval glasses. Use frames a little wider than the widest part of your face, and avoid those that follow the shape of your jaw. Also, avoid low stems.


The frame should balance the upper and lower parts of the face. To do this, use round, narrow, and oval frames.

The frames should not be narrower than the widest part of the face, and the bottom should not be too wide or too low, accentuating the jawline.

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