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Three hair product trends it’s time to try for yourself

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As the weather warms up, what better time to treat yourself to a few new haircare products? If you’re on the lookout for new ways to care for your tresses, it’s time to give these three top trends a try.

Micellar shampoo

Micellar shampoo capitalizes on the huge popularity of micellar water in beauty products over the past few years. Micellar water offers a gentle, natural cleansing experience. The micelles that give the product its name are tiny molecules that trap impurities such as dirt and oil. They can then be washed away, taking the impurities with them.

Micellar shampoo has a distinctly watery consistency compared to the shampoo you’re likely used to using, but don’t let that put you off. Made with largely natural ingredients (though watch out for sulfates), it’s an affordable new hair cleansing option that’s well worth a try as you get your hair ready for summer.

Shampoo bars

Not yet quite as affordable as micellar shampoo, but well on their way to being so as more and more companies enter the marketplace, shampoo bars provide a plastic-free way to wash your hair.

Solid shampoo, quite simply, provides a hair cleansing experience in the form of a bar. You rub the bar in your hands and over your hair to create a lather, using it in much the same way as you would use a bar of soap when washing your body. Despite the solid consistency, shampoo bars very quickly produce a rich lather that gently cleanses the hair. Most have excellent credentials when it comes to being made of natural ingredients, though of course it’s best to check this with the individual brand you intend to try.

With great cleaning qualities and excellent eco-credentials (not a plastic bottle in sight!), shampoo bars should definitely be on your list of products to try out as part of your haircare routine. If you’re worried about the price, however, you’re not alone. 28.57% of respondents in a recent survey by All Things Hair reported that products being too expensive was their main reason for not adopting a more sustainable haircare routine. That said, many shampoo bars seem to last longer than their bottled equivalent, so it’s worth treating yourself and seeing if the higher price point actually ends up delivering better value for money.

Keratin treatment

If you want to treat yourself before the summer, then it could be time to head to the salon and try a keratin treatment. These semi-permanent treatments can deliver straighter, less frizzy hair for up to six months. The hair appears beautifully glossy and is also more manageable when it comes to styling and blow-drying.

Keratin treatments aren’t cheap. They also aren’t likely to be winning any environmental awards anytime soon, with most using formaldehyde in their formula. However, they can leave you with fabulously glossy hair, so if that’s your end goal then it might be worth jumping on this beauty trend to get your hair ready for the summer season.

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