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Best Hairstyles to Glam up Your D-Day

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Marriage is one of the most auspicious occasions to take place in life. It is memorable for all. People love to make it memorable by looking the best. One of the main aspects of a bridal look is the hairstyle. Every woman must have the best hairstyle on her wedding. So she needs to plan beforehand.

If you are planning to style up your bridal hair, first, you need to go to the hairstylist of your choice. Explain your needs and requirements to her. Tell her about your dress and your wedding style. She will choose the perfect hairstyle for you based on your hair length. If you want to know about some of the exquisite hairstyles that you can choose for your marriage, here is a list specially designed for you.

French Twist

The French twist is one of the classic bridal hairstyles that will work on any hair length and type. The style will expose your shoulder and your neck. This way, you can display the wedding gown as well as the glow of a newlywed woman. Moreover, the classic version of this hairstyle can be twisted to suit the wedding style. If you want it to be simpler, you can let a few hairs come out of the twist. You can also place some flowers strategically in these locks. You can substitute the flowers with jewels if you want the look to be more formal.

The Giselle Bundchen look

It is possible you want to follow a specific supermodel hairstyle. For example, if you want to get that wavy hairstyle look of supermodel Giselle Bundchen, you should take a picture of her to show to your hairstylist. This particular style makes your hair wavy and lets it fall on your back. Such a style will give a fairy-tale princess hair look. If you want to look like one, then this hairstyle is the apt choice for you.

The Braided look

You are wrong if you think braids as an old concept. Braids are coming back into fashion nowadays. You can choose the simple braids coming down from each side of your head and then meeting at the back, thus creating a half-updo. You can also choose the long braid down your back, which will be the perfect combination for sexy and sweet.

The simple, sleek look

You may have a curly hair type, but you want a different style. It is also possible you have straight hairs, and you cannot get it curled even after applying a lot of hairsprays. In such a situation, a simple, sleek look is the best option for you. Talk to your stylist. Apply a lot of serum and associated products to add to the shine of your hair. Increasing the shine of your hair will provide that ‘wow’ factor that will add on to your glamour for your wedding day.

These are some of the styles that go exquisitely well with your bridal hair. Talk to your stylist, learn about the possibilities, and make your wedding memorable.

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