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How to Choose the Best Skirt for Your Body Type

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Skirts come in different shapes and sizes, and so do body shapes. Not every woman has the same build, while some have a bigger bust, some have wide hips. Different body shapes have to be styled differently to achieve the perfect balanced look. This does not mean that you have to wear one particular style of skirt for your entire life; you can experiment and wear different kinds, but particular skirt styles flatter your body shapes the most. In this article, we tell you what type of skirt style go best with your body shape! Keep reading to know more!


This is the most desirable body shape on this planet. Every woman wants to have an hourglass body. Even stylists aim to dress the models and the celebs in a way to create the illusion of an hourglass figure. Although this is the most desirable body shape, not everyone is lucky to be born with this figure. This body shape is mostly characterized by a tiny waist that is well balanced by hips and busts that are of the same size. There are plenty of Hollywood beauties that have hourglass figures and are the envy of many as this figure looks good with almost all kinds of skirts! Eva Longoria and Hollywood’s darling Marilyn Monroe had hourglass figures!

If you have an hourglass figure, then you are lucky as you will look good in almost anything. Since your best feature is your tiny waist and beautiful curves, show off these curves in form-fitting pencil skirts that will hug you in all the right places. Pair a pencil skirt that has a side slit or a centre slit with a crop top or a blouse to create a sexy look. Wear these skirts with open toe heels!

Inverted Triangle

This is one of the rarest body types, but if you are born with one to consider yourself lucky because you have amazing shoulders! The characteristics of an inverted triangle are broad shoulders and slim legs and hips. You do not have much of a waist, and oftentimes making the wrong top choice makes you look boxy. To prevent looking top-heavy and to achieve that balance, you should opt for skirts that have a flare to it so that it can create the illusion of a curve or wider hips while taking the attention away from your top half.

A-line skirts and asymmetrical skirts look great on all inverted triangle body shapes, as these skirts bring attention to your waist and flares out, creating a balanced body proportion.

Do go for anything too tight or tapered as they will bring more focus to your slim lower half while making you look top-heavy.


People often mistake apple shape for being an inverted triangle shape. While broad shoulders characterize both, apple-shaped tend to be heavier at the top with bigger bust size and wider shoulders than individuals having inverted triangle body shapes. Apple shapes have almost no waist, but do not be disappointed yet, as apple shapes tend to have great legs! Your main goal would be to show off those beautiful legs and what better way to do that than wearing high waisted skirts! Opt for anything that is high waisted, and you will look great in them! You can also rock a-line skirts!


These shapes are also called the banana shape. If you have a rectangle body shape, then you have a well-proportioned body with almost few to no curves at all. Your shoulders are the same width as your hips, and you lack a waist, but rectangular body shapes look great in all kinds of clothes because of the equal body protections. These body types do not take too much time and thinking to dress, and balance is not an issue here. All you need to do is to create curves that can be easily achieved with body-hugging miniskirts. Oh, and also, rectangular body shapes have shapely legs, which look great in short, miniskirts!

Triangle or Pear

If you have a triangle body shape, which is also sometimes referred to as the pear body shape, then you have wide hips, which are wider than your shoulders and bust area, and you also have a slim waist. Here the main goal is for you to dress in a way that takes the attention away from your wide hips to your smaller midriff. Your best bet when it comes to skirts is to opt for a line of skirts that flare out in a way that it does not make your hips look wider than they already are, thus restoring balance.

Anything that flares out slightly will look good on you but stay away from tight fitted skirts like bodycon if you do not want to look bottom heavy.

The Role of Colours

Apart from body shapes, the colours that you choose to wear will also play a role in balancing your body proportions.

Dark colours create a slimming effect

If you have wide hips or you are bottom-heavy, it is best to wear dark colours as they tend to minimise the size of your hips. They create the illusion of slimmer hips and legs.

Light colours accentuate curves

If you are top-heavy and have slim hips and legs, then you should choose light coloured skirts to wear as they will make your hips look fuller and curvier.

For hourglass body shapes, since you already have a balanced body proportion, you do not have to worry about colours. You can rock any colour you want, but you should wear solid coloured skirts to accentuate those curves. Wearing heavily patterned skirts will take attention away from your beautiful curves.

It’s best the grab an ideal skirt for your body shape. Wear it with great confidence and enjoy. If you are searching for best skirts for your body shape, Yishion fashion have wide options.

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