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The Perfect Peacoat for Your Choices Now

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For high temperatures, jackets are essential parts of everyday life. In addition to protecting the body from high winds, they are also responsible for giving the look an elegant and charming touch. In this regard, the male pea coat is the most sophisticated option of all. In addition to the versatility of the garment, this type of jacket allows for various forms of use on many occasions. Check out.

Men’s Pea Coat: The Classic Jacket Model

Commonly worn by sailors for over 100 years, this jacket resembles an anchor in its wide collar.

The buttons are also important details in the part. Formerly with ten buttons, today some receive other modelling with fewer cufflinks, resulting in a casual and contemporary design.

The male pea coat can be used in many combinations. The garment can also take the place of the suit as it harmonizes very well with shirt and tie.

See the best ways to wear the men’s pea coat

In everyday life, the women’s peacoat is a great replacement for blazer and even leather jackets. Before choosing the ideal model, do pay attention to the material of the part. There are models made in wool, twill, sweatshirt, jeans, among others. So if your intention is a stripped look, prefer lightweight, well-fitting fabrics. Otherwise, invest in basic models with few details

  • For the casual look, for example, it is worth investing in jeans or twill pea coat. Wear the item with simple wash skinny jeans and sneakers for a modern look.
  • If the goal is to put together a formal yet elegant production, bet on the twill pieces. In this case, invest in a pair of twill pants that is fairer. Inside, opt for a printed shirt or the same tone as the men’s pea coat.
  • In general, the play is democratic and oozes versatility. The only care that must be taken is with the exaggeration in productions. The item is heavy and eye-catching and should therefore always be worn with the most basic pieces and which are preferably fairer to the body.
  • The men’s pea coat can be worn with shoes of the same style: boots and boots are ideal options. But for a casual look, sneakers are also welcome. The formal look, in turn, harmonizes well with social shoes.

The men’s pea coat is the perfect piece for the modern man and he always looks stylish and versatile. Today’s tip is a little-known piece, especially among younger men, but it is undoubtedly a great choice for the coming low winter temperatures.

The name is curious, but it is enough to know its origin to understand. Pea Coat, or in translation, Anchor Beak Jacket, is a coat with large collars, vertical pockets and ten exaggerated buttons on the front. Some current brand models have even more buttons.

This coat model was known in the late nineteenth century with the sailors of the European armies who excelled for the elegance of their uniforms. The name of the coat comes from the shape and size of the collar that resembles a ship’s anchor. Usually it is made of heavy fabrics because they needed to protect the soldiers from the wind and the low temperatures of the high seas.

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