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How to choose between gels and other trends

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 A cured woman can be seen immediately from her hands. This old saying already in vogue in the seventies is still valid today. That’s why nails are so important for a woman. Since always the cosmetic companies have tried to invent the perfect nail polish. Among those hardeners and long term ones until the eighties women have done everything to make their nails beautiful and colorful, always fashionable and sometimes even exaggerating a bit.In the 2000s then the spread of nail art made everything become even more varied. On the nails you can make real miniature works of art.

A perfect manicure is the dream of every woman

Well groomed hands and shiny nails are always a good business card on all occasions. To obtain a good result whether you do the manicure at home or the beautician it is important to choose the right nail polish from Kodi Professional official site that lasts for a long time and is also easy to apply and remove. In these cases the enamel comes in handy. Gel or semi-permanent polish can be applied at home with the appropriate kit equipped with a UV lamp oven lasts 2 to 3 weeks and is easy to remove. The gel polish is therefore the right compromise between the traditional nail polish and the real nail reconstruction.

Nail reconstruction

Beyond all the possible evolutions of nail art too much elaborate nailsare also demanding. But nail reconstruction does not mean only elaborate decorations. The woman who works and has little time wants to see their well-groomed hands but apart from rare cases they have no occasion to show off or take care of very long nails with elaborate drawings. The semi-permanent polish is a light curing product. It is not exactly a nail reconstruction but has duration of about two weeks. It can even reach three before splintering.It always depends on what kind of life you lead. If you do a job that requires a lot of use of the hands and also from how much is fat the nail. Generally after 15 days the natural re-growth of the nail requires removal and a new application.

Conclusion: Passion nails

For some nails have become real passions. They have become a fundamental point of self-care for a woman that is shown by the proliferation of many centers of nail art alone while previously the manicure was done only by the hairdresser or beautician. Now you go to special and specialized places to take care of the nails of hands and feet.And it is not said that the nail art is accompanied by manicure or pedicure but it can also be just a decoration of the nails. In addition, various newspapers have been founded that speak only of nails and how to decorate them.

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