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Why you need to consult a barber shop?

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Whether hairstyles always have to emphasize a certain style it can be argued about. But certainly you do not have to describe yourself as a dandy to wear this chic hairstyle. Rather it is a very appropriate cut for the spring. Of course the hairstyle must fit. This too is elegant and perfectly formed. The longer top coat falls over the soft slightly shorter undercut without visible conclusion. A gentle transition makes the hairstyle look very soft and stylish. The sidecut is a very good alternative for men who like it a bit more extreme on their heads. The hairstyle is striking which is due not least to the asymmetrical shape and the extreme transition. Nevertheless, the sidecut is a hairstyle that is quite suitable for everyday use. Remember, before searching “Barbershop near me” you should know the essence of the hair cut.

What does a sidecut looks like?

As the name suggests the hair is cut or shaved on one side only. The top coat should be long enough to comb it to the other. Optionally, the hair can of course also be placed on the shaved side, styled up and a pony is possible. The sidecut hairstyle for men is so variable. The only essential thing is that one side is shaved by creating an asymmetrical shape. If your hair is more of a normal length the sides are only shaved to just above the ear and in addition a pony is worn the sidecut does not seem so extreme. Everyone can therefore decide individually how the sidecut for men should be. With the right style the sidecut in men is really cool.

Conclusion: What do you need for a sidecut?

The most important thing is courage. The sidecut for men is striking and will attract many views. If you do not like that you should rather keep your hands off the sidecut. Especially important is a good barber. Ask if the person has ever cut a sidecut and knows what’s going on. If you have thin hair you should not shave too much because the shaved area looks like a piece of baby-popo. Dark hair is better because it does not give too much visibility to the scalp but that is a matter of taste and there are also fine sidecut hairstyles for men with light hair. You can follow the Blog to stay tuned with the much latest trends. If you want to be on top of it and want to stand out from a normal sidecut, you also have the option of shaving a pattern in the shaved area. The right styling and good styling products are of course important.

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