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Four Tips to Rock a T-shirt Like a Celebrity

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T-shirts are the most popular shirts. The clothing industry has been able to introduce many versions of T-shirts over the years. The original T-shirts are meant to be worn as an undergarment to other shirts and sweaters. But, a lot of men today wear an undershirt as outer shirts to pull off a great, casual look.

Traditionally, T-shirts are made of comfortable cotton fabric. However, as cotton tends to shrink, fade and lose its shape, a lot of modern T-shirts are made with cotton blend materials which make them even more comfortable and durable. If you are looking to buy tshirts online and wondering how to pull off the smartest look with tees, here are tips to help you achieve it:

Consider the Occasion

T-shirts are not all-occasion pieces of clothing. That is why you need to consider where and when it is appropriate to wear them. A lot of events you may attend may require you to wear the good old suit and tie or a long sleeve shirt with a collar. You will only need to wear a T-shirt on casual occasions. No matter how you look or feel confident in your tees, they have their own time and place.

Know your Body Type

Sure, Dwayne Johnson’s build let him rock T-shirts but this does not mean you need his chest to look good in them. It’s just important to know your body type as all tees don’t flatter all body sizes and shapes. Stout and big men have extra weight in their midsection that T-shirts will reveal well. Meanwhile, a T-shirt may accentuate a skinny man’s lean arms and upper torso. This is the reason gym guys have gained the ability to look great in tees. However, even without those muscles, you can still look good in T-shirts. Keep reading to know how.

Nail the Fit

A good tee should conform to the shape of your body and should not cause discomfort or limit your ability to move. Yes, fit does matter a lot as it is a core component of style. Correctly-fit clothes feature your attractiveness and masculinity better than pieces that don’t. There should be at least one T-shirt brand out there that works for your body type.

Pick the Right Style

In terms of T shirt style, the emphasis is on the neckline. You will have to choose between a crew neck and V-neck T-shirts. A crew neck shirt is ideal for men with a thinner frame while a V-neck shirt is great for men who are fit because the V-shaped cut emphasizes their chest area.

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