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How to Pick the Perfect Anniversary Gift

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Your wedding anniversary is a time to pause to reflect and enjoy your relationship with your other half: how has it grown and changed, how important is it to you, and what will your future hold? Giving your significant other a gift is a way to cherish and celebrate your relationship.

The Importance of Gift Giving

It is surprising just how many of us underestimate the power of gift giving in a relationship. One of the most special ways to convey two people’s unconditional love for each other is through gift giving. Gifts such as jewellery can let your partner know that they are in your thoughts, even when you are not together.

Steps to Choosing the Perfect Anniversary Gift

  1. Think about your partner and the types of jewellery that she likes. When you two are together, listen to the remarks and hints that she makes about the things she finds attractive or may want.
  2. Never leave it until the last minute. Gifts that are forced easily lose their meaning, and more often than not, your partner will be able to tell the thoughtfulness and significance of the gift.
  3. Choose a budget. Remember, your gift does not necessarily have to be expensive, but it should be thoughtful towards your partner.
  4. Go for something that is timeless. A pair of designer earrings or necklace that matches the beautiful ring that brought you two together is always a step in the right direction.
  5. It’s okay if you aren’t a jewellery guru, but it’s a good idea to do some research before you start shopping around. As you may have found out when you shopped for an engagement ring, some metals, stones, and gems are better than others, and may be better suited for your partner’s tastes and lifestyle.

Which Anniversary Is Appropriate for Fine Jewellery

Although fine jewellery is appropriate for every anniversary, there are certain “milestones” for which different types of jewellery are traditional. The following is a simple guide to give you ideas for the perfect anniversary gift that your loved one will cherish forever:

  • Year 1 – Share the warmth you still feel about your wedding day. Gold earrings for her or cufflinks for him are a touching way to symbolise your timeless love.
  • Year 5 – Think rich accents like blue sapphires. A delicate band or masculine ring can add to a polished look for either her or him.
  • Diamonds for 10 and 60 – A 10th anniversary is often when couples, now more financially stable then when they were first married, consider larger stones or replacement settings in their engagement rings or wedding bands.
  • Rubies for 15 and 40 – Re-ignite the fires of your marriage with the passion and vitality of flame-coloured rubies.
  • Emeralds for 20 – This is a milestone that should be celebrated! Emeralds traditionally signify good health and eternal love.
  • Pearls for 30 – Refined and understated, pearls are a luxurious and versatile addition. Strands are traditional, but designer earrings or rings can also be considered.
  • Golden Jubilee (Year 50) – As the nickname implies, gold jewellery is the best choice to celebrate your joyful commitment to each other for five whole decades!
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