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Choose a Suit Jacket According To the Body Type

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Men who wear the right kind of suit jacket that accentuates their physical structure significantly can instantly perk up their personality. Needless to say a perfectly tailored suit will help you look good and feel confident at the same time.

Understanding men body types

Nevertheless different kinds of body structures will require different kind of fit. Usually, we categorize men’s structure as short tall and round. Let us check it in detail.

Short men

The best type of suit jacket will give short men an illusion of being taller. This can be easily achieved by playing around the buttons. 1 or 2 buttons with an extended V- look will be best for the upper body.

The V look will make the torso appear tall. Suit jackets for short men will have vents. It will attract the attention towards the structure, thus giving a false impression of the height.

Short men, ideally whose height is below 6 feet, must go for a single breasted jacket design having thin and extended lapel. However, if they have a good physique they can also go for double breasted jacket, but with 2 to 4 buttons.

Since three buttons will make the torso of the man look shorter, it must be avoided at all cost. Moreover, do not cover the pockets with flaps, make it clean and chic.

Tall men

Tall men are ideally whose height is 6 feet and above. Single breast with three buttons will be the best for tall structures. This design will help in reducing such unusual tall height. You can also keep the sleeves a little longer towards the middle of the palm. It will give an illusion of short structure. Thus, the attention will be drawn more towards the face of the person.

The jacket should be little longer, it will help in minimizing drastically long legs. Also you must choose wider lapels which will enhance the broadness of the chest and the shoulders. Two or one buttons needs to be avoided at any cost. They can also go for an additional vest that will reduce the look of the extended torso.

Styling advice

In Canada there are number of professional and styling tailors available for men. Roger Labonte Sherbrooke is one of the best customized styling available in town. Be it your wedding or an important board meeting, you can consult him for best styling tips.


It is very essential to understand one’s structure. This will help him to choose a perfect suit jacket. Not only the suit should perfectly fit him, but also give him a finer look to his overall image.

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