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How to properly wear a boho dress?

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If you have to choose only one dress for this season, go for a bohemian dress! It’s the look to wear to be trendy right now, and we give you some tips to wear your new favorite: the bohemian dress!

How to choose your bohemian dress

Obviously, to wear your bohemian dress well, you must know how to choose it! A great classic of the feminine dressing, the bohemian dress is now available in all the cuts, lengths and colors you could imagine. The bohemian dress that will fit you well is, above all, the dress that you will like, but also the one that will highlight your morphology. We take stock of the lengths and cuts to be favored according to your silhouette.

Which length: long or short bohemian dress?

Most often, when we talk about boho dresses, we think of a long summer dress, but know that all lengths are actually suitable for the bohemian style. You will have no trouble finding a short or midi length bohemian dress, and it is even very trendy. But which one to choose then?

The answer depends on both your body type and your style. In terms of body type, it is better to choose a short dress if you are short and especially avoid the midi length. The long dress can work, as long as it falls to your ankles and is worn with heels. If you are tall, dare the bohemian mid-length dress, it is the length of the moment! The short and long versions will also suit you very well.

How to wear a bohemian dress

As far as style is concerned, bohemian midi and long dresses are clearly popular, especially for festive or casual looks. For a more formal occasion, like a day at the office for example, we recommend a short bohemian dress, more classic and easier to match with working-girl style accessories.

Which cut?

On this point, you are absolutely free to choose the cut that you prefer (and that fits you best) for your bohemian dress! The only requirement is that you choose something fluid, and especially not tight, in order to stay in the bohemian style. The trapeze cut, long, short or midi is the most common on the bohemian dresses of the moment, and we advise you particularly those with a hem on the bottom.

We also love the balloon or puffed sleeves, deliciously romantic, and the boat necklines that nicely reveal the shoulders.

Colors, prints, both?
The colors we love on a bohemian dress are inspired by those found in nature: white, beige, sand, khaki, green, browns, etc. White is a real must-have, very elegant by the way. Khaki, ecru and other beige shades will give a more ethnic touch to your outfit, very pretty too. Floral prints, liberty or XXL flowers, are currently on the front of the fashion scene, and work particularly well on the bohemian dress. Apart from these pretty flowers, there is a resurgence of 70s fashion inspiration in ready-to-wear, and so the bohemian dresses of the season are many to adorn with geometric or paisley patterns.

What shoes to wear with a bohemian dress?

In terms of style, a pair of shoes can really make all the difference. Take for example a simple little black dress: depending on whether you wear it with pumps or sneakers, you don’t get the same look at all. It’s exactly the same with a bohemian dress! Some examples of shoes to wear to twist your bohemian dress!

A Vintage Hippie dress For a vintage bohemian look

Want to embrace a “traditional” bohemian look with a touch of vintage? Go for a pair of leather boots, worn bare legged with a bohemian dress! You can also opt for santiags, high or low, which will make you enter the western-chic trend and will go wonderfully with a bohemian dress.

A boho chic dress For a bohemian-chic outfit

Rather trendy by the bohemian chic look? No problem, wear your bohemian dress with a pair of wedge sandals! The wedge sandal keeps a boho spirit, while giving a more chic side to your outfit. Flat sandals can also work with a bohemian dress, as long as they are worked hard enough to bring elegance.

Bohemian dress for a wedding

If you are looking for a chic dress for a wedding, then wearing a bohemian dress is a great idea, especially if you are attending a country or boho wedding. We really like metallic leather sandals in silver, gold or even pink-gold, which will add a touch of sophistication to your bohemian dress. Don’t forget to have a clean pedicure for the occasion!

A boho dress For an office look

You can wear your bohemian dress to the office, as long as you accessorize it properly. We advise you to choose a simple bohemian dress, which you can wear with a pair of mules with small heels, pumps or loafers.

What accessories to choose?

The last element to review to wear your bohemian dress well: the accessories. It all depends on the style you want to give to your bohemian dress, but there are still some essentials. Some jewelry, headwear, and other bags act as sure values, and will inevitably go with your bohemian dress. So here is our little selection of accessories to wear with a bohemian dress, and some ideas for looks.

Bohemian dress + cape: chic on vacation

There’s nothing like a beautiful straw cape to give you a gypset look. Go for an XXL model, which will give you a lot of style, and wear it with your bohemian dress for a chic and ultra-feminine vacation look. Don’t hesitate to add a pair of sunglasses for a star look!

Bohemian dress + round wicker bag: bohemian and urban

We already love the little round wicker bag, and we love it with a bohemian dress. It will bring a nice urban touch to your bohemian dress, while remaining in a boho style.

Bohemian dress + raw metal jewelry: ethnic chic look

Add raw metal jewelry to give an ethnic chic touch to your bohemian dress! We particularly recommend the multiple rings and rings of phalanx, silver or bronze and bracelets and cuffs XXL. Don’t hesitate to go for natural stones, especially turquoise, which will bring a nice touch of color to your look.

Bohemian dress + wooden jewelry: the bohemian-green look

Environmental concerns are (greatly) shaping tomorrow’s fashion, and jewelry and accessories made of natural materials are all the rage right now. We love the big wooden rings, which we add on the wrists with our bohemian dress. The wooden watch is also a very nice option, both trendy and durable.

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