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Best ways to make use of dried flowers

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All of us know that what happens to the numerous bouquets that we receive on the festive occasion. Mostly they are greeted with delight post which they are left unattended at the corner of some room. We have done complete research to ensure that you can make the best use of flowers this festive season and have tried our best to make best ways to repurpose flowers. Nowadays sending flowers of special occasion become so easy, not only locally you can send your offerings to various cities. Whether you want to get a flower delivery in Abu Dhabi or any other city to your loved ones now it’s just one click away.

How about giving a new face lift to your living room spaces? The dried flower décor can be of great help. You can hang all the dried flowers in line which will catch the attention of all your guests and at the same time will add some color to your living room too.

If you love the fragrance of flowers, you can smell the scented spray by creating scent from your favourite flowers by boiling them in water. The scent can even be used to freshen up your closet and at the same time will keep all your clothes fresh with a nice and sweet smell.

If you have marigold with you, they make great cleanser too. You can add them to your soaps along with oatmeal and honey. They not only give color but great smell too and are also amazing for your skin too. Oats can exfoliate you skin and honey and marigold will soothe you skin.

You can light up your home with accented candles in which you can add some of your dried flowers to make them look beautiful. It will add light to your living room and make it look even more beautiful.

You can also use these dried flowers in designing these beautiful gift wrappers wherein you can paste these dried flowers to make the gift look too artistic look and make the recipient feel truly special too.

If you want to freshen up your home, you can use dried flowers as excellent potpourri. It gives an aesthetic factor to your home and you can place it as a centrepiece on your coffee table.

If the flowers that you got have a sentimental value, you can even make a personalized phone case with these dried flowers which you can press and then paste on your phone cover so that they are close to you and a perfect reminder of the special occasion during which you got it.

If you want to have some rustic yet chic for your home, you can make small paper cones in which you can keep these sing stemmed flowers and hang them with a help of a branch. Trust me, it will be an absolute show stealer of the occasion and make all your guests envious too.

You can also use these dried flowers in designing some wonderful looking coasters too. It will add a pop of color to your coasters and make them look totally gorgeous. A nice accessory for your coffee table.

Next time, you have to send offerings on all major festivals to your dear ones. Like, if somebody gets a flowers or Christmas gifts, you can be sure what best you can do to repurpose them.

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