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4 Accessible Fashion Trends for Autumn-Winter 2016

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This year’s autumn/winter fashion trends are a departure from the usual cold season themes. Of course, we still have the typical fall colors in the limelight, as well as black, but there are also series of surprising trends you might just want to try out:

  1. Gray shades and cold khakis

Light and medium shades of gray are all the rage this season. Have at least one wardrobe stable in this color. It can be a large jumper, a wrap or a pair of skinny jeans. Your unstructured coat can be gray, too. Opt for this color whether you are going for an elegant or casual style. As for khaki, this army specific color seems to be with us year by year as the weather turns cold. There is no better time for it. For this season, designers prefer cold, dusty shades of khaki, which go well with neutrals and many other shades.

  1. Versatile knitwear

From jumpers to scarves, knitted goods are a big hit this season. Besides this, such items have another important quality: that of being oversized or one-size-fits-all, in order to be easily worn by anyone anytime. There are the so-called “boyfriend jumpers”, then the split side ones, to be worn with casual or elegant and chic outfits. We also have the freestyle wave, which is a type of wrap that can help you look great and stay warm, at the same time preserving your mobility. A solid color wrap would be the best choice if you want to brighten up your autumn wear. It can be worn as a poncho, wrapped around the neck or let to hang down from your shoulders – depending on what you prefer or what the weather calls for. Round neck knitted sweaters are also easy to find and upgrade your look successfully.

  1. Lacy details and flower prints

This is yet another spring trend that somehow survived in autumn, too. Keep these romantic details but adapt them to the chromatic trends of the season. Opt for blouses and shirts with a lace front and casual dresses with vintage flower prints; be they are long or knee-length. You can easily fit these into your wardrobe if you already have some minimalistic neutral pieces.


  1. Utility dresses

Seen more often in shades of khaki, gray, white, beige and navy, utility dresses are remarkably versatile and always easy to wear. You can pair these with heels or with flats and especially with boots. You can also find these as “shirt dresses”, because they are like knee-length shirts. They’re also a very safe item for the office. If you are feeling daring, you can try colors like bright mustard or bordeaux. Sure, there is no mistake in going the classic way and have one in black. Buttoned up types with a string running around the waist are the most sought after.

Now that you know what clothing items will help you feel comfortable and trendy this season, you can start shopping, then mixing and matching. You can safely match those with some of your spring wear, since the two seasons appear to merge this year in wonderful ways. Don’t be afraid to mix serene pastels with your darker autumn shades if you feel like it. By all means, this is an unusual autumn and you should feel free to dare.

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