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Winter Wonderland Jewelry Theme

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It is now officially Winter and bridal season at the same time. Winter is an ideal season for weddings because the temperature won’t melt the cake and some states will give you free confetti in the form of snow. However, one thing that brides may want to upgrade are their jewelry choices. While the winter wonderland wedding theme may be prevalent in the coming months, it would be nice to add some ice to the bridal look as well.

Here are our favorite Winter Wonderland Jewelry Themes:

  1. Diamonds with White Precious Metal

White precious metals include platinum, white gold, and sterling silver. Some may opt for titanium, which is a new trend, but completely acceptable because of its symbolism and versatility. To take advantage of the winter theme, combining diamonds or diamantes can create a beautiful accent to one’s wedding look. The jewels will look like frozen droplets of ice or elegant icicles.

Designs can range from patterned and filigreed necklaces and bracelets to chandelier earrings with a winter theme or something close to it.

  1. Faux Fur and Jewelry

Some of the best wedding looks we’ve seen include faux fur capes, capelets, ponchos, muffs, shawls, and stoles. When you combine this with an excellent piece of jewelry, the wedding look just screams ice queen – but in a really good way. This look can be used in wedding locations where there is sure to be snow and a photo op outdoors.

  1. Ditch the Snowflakes

Instead, opt for jewelry that utilizes snowflakes in an unconventional way. Usually, brides may want to wear snowflake pendants or earrings. However, you can also look for jewelry that has a snowy or icicle theme like a large pendant or collar necklace made of snowflake or icicle designs. Pear drop gems also look like frozen water droplets, which look great as an accent.

  1. Icy Vine Jewelry

One other thing that pops up on your mind when you think of winter are those white bare trees that look beautiful under the sunlight. There are jewelry that follows that design and you can request either a necklace, a crown, or bracelet. It will fit nicely with a rustic winter theme.

  1. Focus on your hair

You can also add jewelry to your hair and veil. Winter is the time when snow queens are a trend. Looking like royalty on your wedding feels like the best way to show off your bridal look. It doesn’t have to be big or tacky, but imagine snowflakes resting on your head. But instead of the real thing, it can be diamonds or diamantes or even a crown.

Let us know what kind of winter themed jewelry you would like to wear this season. No matter what you choose, make sure that you love the look and are not just doing it to match your theme. You don’t want to be part of the décor. You should be the center of the event instead.

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