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Ordering Custom Dress Shirts: A Guide For Every Man!

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A perfect dress shirt is all about style and fit. While the number of readymade brands continues to increase, many men prefer to get their own shirt tailored. Thanks to the internet, it means much more than visiting a random store and selecting a fabric for your local tailor. Today, there are various services that take orders for custom dress shirts, and you can have a say in all the relevant aspects. In this post, we are decoding all that you must know about ordering dress shirts in a customized way and aspects that matter.

How does custom ordering work?

Of course, every service is different, and you have to do your homework when it comes to selecting one. The best custom ordering companies have a ready guide that will help in making the choices. You can select between fabrics, have a say on the design and fit and place an order. The extent of customization depends and varies from one service to another, but you will be able to decide on the smaller aspects like interlining, fabric contrast, cuffs, buttons, plackets, cuffs, collar, and more. For instance, if you prefer a pop placket on a regular dress shirt, you can select that.

As for the fit, some companies do offer standard sizes that you can choose from, or you can take measurements as suggested using a measuring tape. If you already own a shirt that fits you well, you can choose to measure that and add the measurements.

Things to check

As a first-time customer, you need to be careful about the process of customizing dress shirts. Find a company that you can rely on and check how things work with them. The first shirt with a service is usually the trickiest ones, and in case there is an issue with the fit or design, the company or service should agree to make the alterations. Some services also have quick shipping, which could be an advantage. You may also want to check their range of fabrics and fit options available, and the more flexible design options they have, the better.

Final words

When you want to share your personal style with the world and wish to do that without running from one retail store to another, this is the best possible option by all means. Find a fabric you like, and go as experimental as you may want with the design.

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