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Tips Men Can Consider When Buying Lingerie for their Woman

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Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and birthdays are the right occasions for men to shop for lingerie for their spouse or partner. Lingerie is a fancy word that refers to intimate underwear.

Why Lingerie is Sexy

What makes lingerie sexy is limited to what a woman’s imagination can reach and the man looking at it. If a woman puts on lingerie that is just revealing enough instead of too revealing, this can be seducing to her partner. The woman must pick lingerie which flatters the shape of her body while ensuring there isn’t too much skin that shows all at once. Also, the appeal of sexy lingerie relies upon the material it’s made from like cotton, lace, silk or satin. Pure fabrics tend to be more sensual than synthetic materials.


Knowing the Woman Who Will Receive the Lingerie

Whether you are giving lingerie to your girlfriend or wife, make sure that you buy something which suits her taste and style. You might wish to try something different; however, avoid making her uncomfortable by purchasing lingerie which doesn’t fit her personality. Consider these things.

  • Whether she wears bikinis or thongs.
  • The kind of bra she likes to wear.
  • Whether she wears long nightgowns or other pieces in bed.


Try to get the time to take a look at her lingerie drawer so you will have an idea of what she likes and doesn’t like.

Lingerie Size

You should know her size. There are many options for each size and shape so do not worry about your choices. When you don’t know her size, look at her lingerie closet or drawer. Her dresses, bras and other garments have sizing labels.

Advice on Bra Sizes

A bra defines the comfort of a woman every day and there are a lot of various kinds from which to pick like underwire, strapless, demi, sports and push-ups. Women purchase and wear bras for a lot of activities and occasions. Bras that women wear will either make or break their outfit. Wearing the wrong type and size of bra can ruin her look and how the woman feels about herself.



Panties have been a mainstay of lingerie shopping excursion or lingerie outfit. There are many styles to pick from such as boy shorts, thong, hot pants and lacy. You are likely to even wish to take into account buying a set of men’s briefs in order to make your gift something which belongs to you both.

Why Buy

Purchasing lingerie over the web offers you with a lot of benefits you don’t have if you purchase the item form a brick and mortar shop.

  • Privacy- Buying lingerie online saves you from worrying about being embarrassed. You have the option to look at anything you want or something more risqué than what you have originally planned, without the fear that somebody else will know.


  • Convenience- Shopping for lingerie online allows you to do it at your convenience. You will not worry about store hours.
  • Choices- The internet provides more lingerie brands and choices than what stand-alone shops and malls can offer.

Author Bio:

Jessie Jones is a popular name in the clothing and lingerie industry. Jones has been involved in a number of groups advocating femininity and the benefits of wearing sexy lingerie.

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