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Throwing a Great Surprise Party for Your Best Friend

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You’ve been best friends for years now, and it’s about time you organized a surprise party for them. It’s not going to be as easy as it looks, and you’re starting to realize this as you begin the planning process. What if they’ve had a surprise party in the past that’s better than yours is going to be? What if the surprise gets ruined along the way? All the worries and anxieties that come into your head have passed through the minds of many people before you, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t plan the perfect party and have it go down with a bang. Here are some tips for planning a great surprise party and becoming an even better friend for life!

  • Find out who they would like at the party

You can’t invite people who they wouldn’t normally invite to a party themselves, so you need to first discover this without directly asking the person and giving the game away. You can learn this by snooping around on their social media profiles and seeing who is in their previous photographs or whom they seem to interact with a lot. If they’re your best friend, you’re likely to be in on most of the gossip anyway, so you’ll know who irritates them, who they love and who they just wouldn’t want to attend their party.

  • Think of a great venue

With most parties, the venue is the key to a great event. Think about what your best friend likes and try to plan the party around this. For example, if your friend loves fashion, try to visit Mercedez-Benz fashion week Australia 2017. Not only is this likely to be a very different experience for them and anybody else who attends, but it shows that you’ve really thought about their interests and what they would like. If they love animals, think about hiring a party space at the zoo or a safari park, or simply hire a regular party venue and theme it around animals, such as decorations, music or fancy dress.

  • Ask a couple of others to help you

You can plan a regular party single-handedly, but when it comes to trying to pull off a surprise, you need a couple of other people to help you out. This could be some other people from your friend group, or some people you don’t really know that well but your friend does. It could also be your friend’s parents or other family members. When the event rolls around, you’ll need somebody to make sure your friend is able to come to the party, so you should communicate beforehand with the people involved to make sure that they are able to organize this. The worse thing to happen is that your friend makes other plans and can’t actually attend the surprise party! A good way to ensure they are available and ready to come is to suggest that there is something happening but disguise it as something else, for example, a party for another friend or a meal for just the two of you.

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