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How To Look Chic In Your Indian Terrain Shorts

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The short pants or the short have become quite a common attire nowadays. The shorts are quite comfortable to wear, and they are trendy as well. Summers are just incomplete or not felt until we see someone flaunting their legs in the sun in those magnificent pair of shorts. During the summers the heat drains out so much energy from our bodies that we feel like getting rid of maximum of the covering on our skin. We try to dress as light as humanly possible with shorter and lighter fabrics. Shorts come to our relief when that is the condition. They are made up of lighter fabrics and they do not cover the major parts of the legs and thus it is open to the environment and thus perspiration is not a problem because that evaporates.

It is the general trend that shorts are totally casual, and it is the general thinking of men that these can be only worn inside and not outside the house. Whatever be the case or thinking of the general population but that is not the case. Shorts look good when worn outside. These pieces are trendy and fashionable wherever worn but when worn in the right way. There are many ways in which you can pair a short with other pieces of clothing to look good. These combinations would be:

  • Pairing a short with a simple t-shirt: In this the shorts usually of lighter denim pattern or similar sorts are paired with the simple one shade or usually white t-shirts. This is somewhere you can go in with accessories and use them wisely. Keep in mind to not to accessorise too much on this attire otherwise you may end up looking silly. Only a simple bracelet or a watch and aviator is enough to get you going.
  • Patterned t-shirt with a short is equally trendy: In this outfit you can even use your patterned or printed t-shirts which were strictly off bounds for the first getup scenario. In this you pair your printed t-shirts with cargo shades and patterned shorts. Accessories other than aviators are not preferred with this outfit.
  • Pairing with a tank top to give you a macho look: In this getup you can pair a dark coloured sleeveless t-shirt with the shorts and this is again one place where you can accessorise well using aviators, watches, bracelets etc.
  • The casual look: This is a look that can be spun up pairing polo necks with slightly dark coloured shorts. This is a dress up scenario that requires you to be totally simple and not to at all accessorise.
  • The all denim look: This look is as direct as it sounds. It is simple, raw, powerful and filled with masculinity all at the same time. This look does require very slight accessorising and only aviators can do wonders.
  • The formal look: This look is donned by pairing a formal shirt with the shorts and it is further paired with sneakers or loafers. The only accessory that is necessary is the leather belt rest is just very much optional and here over accessorising is a sin.
  • Get experimental put on a blazer: This one is really very experimental, and a blazer or jacket is put on over a t-shirt and shorts. You can accessorise with shoes, aviators but anything more than that will be forbidden.
  • Go on full formal: Going full formal cannot be pulled by everyone and thus should be tried with caution otherwise can cause major fashion disaster. This includes pairing the shorts with full buttoned on suit jacket with tie and all.
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