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Fashion Tips for Moms: A Mother’s Day Gift You’ll Use

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Just in time for Mother’s Day, we’ve gathered fashion tips from moms who are dealing with all of the same hassles that you are. So, change out of the yoga pants, and step into mom-friendly style that makes you feel like a woman again.

Fling off the Funk

When you’re pregnant, your style can certainly take a step backward. Unfortunately, it can take years before you have the opportunity or desire to reinvent your style. Many moms fall into the rut of sweatpants, t-shirts, and sneakers. Often, maternity clothes don’t fit right after baby is born and neither do your pre-baby clothes. All this can tempt you to give up on fashion, not to mention the fact that you have way less free time than you did before your little bundle arrived. The key is to commit yourself to ending the style downfall. This can seem impossible when your needs typically come last, but doing this for yourself is helpful to your self-esteem and overall sense of happiness. So, step on out of that rut.

Don’t Wear Your Maternity Clothes for Long

Wearing your maternity jeans a year after you’ve given birth is too long. After you’ve delivered, you should wear those maternity items for around two to three months. At this point it’s time to put away the maternity clothes and opt for items with a button and a zipper. It may sacrifice some comfort but you’ll be surprised how much more put together you feel when your waistband isn’t elastic. Empire waists, wrap tops, and dresses that are the most fitted at the ribcage, can help to create a nice line that won’t emphasize your middle. When you’re stepping into the store after a while it can be a shock, so check out https://www.groupon.co.uk/discount-codes/shops/debenhams.com for some great deals.

Mom Jeans Might Not Work

You’ve probably seen those pleated, peg-leg mom jeans that magnify a belly or pooch instead of minimising it. But they’re not the only issue. Low-rise, bootcut jeans can sit too far down and actually push up a “muffin-top.” They can also reveal way too much when you bend over. The best option is higher waisted jeans, flat-front of course, that sit at your navel or above it by about two inches. This rise helps to keep things in place. You can also try cigarette pants or skinny jeans with boots. They create a slim silhouette by balancing your middle with the bottom half of your body. Try out some bright colours which can be great for spring.

Slip out of the Sneakers

Heels are certainly not an option when you’re very pregnant and they probably aren’t great for running after kids either, but sneakers aren’t your only option in footwear. When you really need the comfort, try Converse or high-quality boots. Otherwise, branch out and slip on some ballet flats, slippers, or booties.

Your reinvented style is out there waiting for you. Take the time to do something for yourself and drop some shopping hints to your loving partner. Happy Mother’s Day. Get out there and love your look.

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