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Eight Ways to Use Stickers to Grow your Business

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Businesses have been using stickers to advertise and market their brands and products. Stickers tend to last for years and are affordable when compared to other promotional products. Below are some ways to use stickers for growing your business and get the attention of your target audience.

Launching Products

If you are introducing a new product or service, print this on custom stickers to raise awareness of this launch. This allows people to talk about your new offerings. For instance, print stickers that depict what the new product looks like to establish hype, heighten interest, and generate excitement.

Using Stickers in Street Advertising

This form of advertising is an excellent means to get people aware of your brand. Whether you are giving away custom logo stickers or fun images that have subtle branding, the public can like the idea of a free sticker which they can place anywhere.

Growing your Social Media Following

If you are looking for a way to grow your social media presence without spending lots of money on ads and placements, consider printing your social media information on kiss-cut stickers. You can give these stickers away to your current customers or those who are engaging in your brand.

Using Stickers on Bumpers

Printing a fun phrase or slogan together with your company logo on bumper stickers can help increase the visibility of your brand. Usually, bumper stickers end up on vehicles for many years and gain impressions from other road users. Just come up with fun phrases that can get people excited and interested and make sure your product will be put to good use.

Using them on Business Cards

If you like to hand out business cards to clients and possible leads, consider printing them as stickers. This makes it possible for them to be stuck to any surface which can make more them more visible and less forgotten. Paper business cards usually end up in the trash bin or sit among a sea of other paper cards. To have a competitive edge, make interactive business cards that people are likely to remember.

Giving them Away in Events

Corporate events provide opportunities to have a new set of stickers for your marketing mix. Give away stickers to those who will attend your events. Aside from your company name or logo, you can make a fun hashtag on them to get people excited. This can prompt a quick search and social media following.

Using them as Engaging Gifts

Whether mailed or handed out, high-quality stickers at Stickeroo.com.au tend to have a higher perceived value than other promotional materials. People consider them as gifts instead of advertising tools. As with promotional products, stickers are more difficult to get rid of right away and can engage your recipients.

Improving Other Marketing Efforts

Stickers can be used to improve and boost marketing programs. They can be traded for addresses. Conversations and opinions can be encouraged in social media to get your target audience involved. You can use the back of your stickers to deliver valuable business information. Stickers are capable of strengthening communities and awareness of certain messages.

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